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If your group has any announcements, please email them to

7th Tradition Update — we are seeking ideas from groups for how to best steward 7th tradition funds in carrying the message! Connect with your groups and send in suggestions by July 31 💭 💸 💜

Service Position Openings: We are in need of a new Website Liaison, Announcements Coordinator, Chip/Coin Distributor & Email Coordinator — if you are interested, we will train you on any of these positions! Service work keeps you sober!

The Steps Committee has re-formed. If you want to help CAFAA get our own 12 steps approved, please email for meeting times. We’d love to have you there!

Beginning Wednesday, June 12th, 6pm-7:15pm, an approximate 6-month weekly journey will begin on the 12 Steps around caffeine. The Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guides will be used. Each s=Step will be focused on for about 2 weeks. Participants will be asked to journal through the prompts in the associated workbook and to share in meetings, resulting in an experience of an in-depth working of the Steps to support their caffeine recovery.

Because registration will be closed after the second meeting, this workshop does not observe the Twelve Traditions and is not sponsored by CAFAA. Information about this workshop is shared here to offer CAFAA members an opportunity to participate in an experience, organized by a CAFAA member, that could support their caffeine recovery.

For more information and to sign up, please email Artemis at

Thanks to your 7th Tradition contributions throughout the last year, we now have a stable prudent reserve, as well as additional funds available to support the CAFAA fellowship.

The CSC is seeking ideas for the use of these funds. Possibilities include, but are not limited to:

-Costs associated with approving CAFAA’s 12 Steps
-Literature: brochures, member stories, basic text, etc.
-CAFAA retreat
-Website improvement
-Build CAFAA app to support fellowship
-Creation of digital chips/coins

Individuals and groups can brainstorm and generate ideas. Once you or your group have ideas, please send them to CSC, at CSC will categorize these suggestions and share them back out to the fellowship. Groups will need to decide on a few favorites by group conscience and send their GSRs (General Service Representatives) back to CSC BY JULY 31, 2024 for final discussion and voting.

Keep in mind that any of these ventures will require people willing to do service to make them a reality. Perhaps you could include discussion as to which members from your group would be willing to take part in subcommittee work once funds are approved.