Whoever you are, you’re welcome here.

Important Benefits to adding your name to the CAFAA Member List include:

Member Benefits

1) Get Support: Instant access to other members’ contact information.

2) Can be 100% Confidential – You choose the way your information is displayed. Since no online data is fully secure in today’s times, please protect yourself by only entering information that can’t identify you.

  • First name and last initial – or Enter an Alias.
  • Email: Share your standard email (if you’re comfortable with this) – or create a new, unidentifiable Gmail that safeguards your identity.
  • Phone: Share your standard phone, omit a phone number altogether – or sign up for GoDaddy’s Smart Line ($3.99/month) which allows you to keep your cell phone number private. The Smart Line displays a separate phone number yet allows you to both text and dial out from your standard smart phone. If you’re outside of the USA, please inquire with GoDaddy about availability in your area.

3) Get notified about meeting changes, new meetings and special events.

4) Sign up to Chair phone meetings: Doing service supports your sobriety! It’s easy to Chair a meeting; you simply read from a Word document, and a member will teach you how. Chairing is available to all with 30+ days sobriety.

5) Free, and always will be.

– You can cancel your membership at any time. We’ll never spam or sell your information.

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