Position Descriptions of Secretary and Chair of Central Service Committee

The Central Service Committee is a CAFAA service committee that, in conjunction with General Service Representatives, elects its own members. A GSR is the official representative of her or his group and is elected by her or his group. The GSR carries the group conscience to the joint CSC-GSR meetings and keeps her or his group informed of activities of the CSC-GSR committee. Together the CSC and the GSRs see to developing policy, procedures, and administration of the CAFAA service structure and its service needs.


The Secretary of the Central Service Committee is a voting member of the CSC who participates in policy discussions and carries out tasks useful to the administration of CAFAA. He or she acts pursuant to the will of the CSC-GSR committee as informed by the GSRs, who in turn are informed by the will of God or Higher Power as expressed by the group conscience.

The Secretary of the CAFAA Central Service Committee additionally takes the minutes of all meetings of the CSC-GSR, presently 6:00 till 7:00 P.M. each Sunday. He or she additionally takes on other useful tasks, e.g., updating lists of trusted servants, chairing subject-matter subcommittees, finding volunteers to take CAFAA-wide service positions, and the like. The estimated time commitment is a minimum of three hours per week plus additional time for the divers other tasks.


The Chair is a voting member of the CSC who is responsible for chairing the weekly GSR-CSC zoom meetings. They prepare a written agenda before the meeting and email it to CSC members, GSR’s and other interested CAFAA members using an ongoing email list. They steer the discussion and exercise judgement in what the key issues are for CAFAA at the time.

The Chair will also volunteer to do tasks between meetings such as communicating with GSRs, updating the website, writing announcements, and research. They will likely serve on at least one of the subcommittees.

Requirements and Terms: Both positions require 30 days of caffeine abstinence. Both are one-year terms.