I used caffeine (and any form of legal speed I could get my hands on) to motivate me, to override my depression, and to “leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Because most of my self-worth was based on what I achieved, it was important to me to get a lot done. Unfortunately, as I aged, all of this activity took a toll on my health. I was constantly going to health care practitioners to address adrenal exhaustion, neck pain, and lower back issues.

Caffeine made me more snippy, snide, and sarcastic than normal, which really showed up when I was at home. What a delight I was to live with!

Over the years, I tried being caffeine-free, but inevitably, I picked it up again and again. In the end, I was just using Excedrin and a pill cutter to cut the Excedrin into ¼ pieces—to decrease the amount of caffeine I was ingesting.

After joining Caffeine Addicts Anonymous (CAFAA), I finally had the support I needed to stay off of caffeine. The fellowship of people with such wonderful 12-Step backgrounds has been heart-warming. In fact, one New Years Eve, we had a CAFAA meeting and it was the best New Years Eve I’d ever had!

I love CAFAA and it’s exciting to watch it grow—year after year.

Susan B.